​​​                                                               Leo F. Valenti, Director Engineering /Co-Founder

Mr. Leo Valenti is a co-inventor with Professor James C. Daly and Thomas Valenti. He previously held Vice President, Research & Development Engineering positions at Gulton Industries and Techni-Rite Electronics. The latter of which he cofounded. Prior to this he was an Engineering Design Manager at RCA and Clevite Corporation. He graduated from CaseWestern Reserve with a BSEE in Engineering. He was a previous chairman of the Technology Committee of the Technology Council of Rhode Island of which he was a member for approximately ten years. He has been listed in Who’s Who in the East and is holder of eleven patents and two patents pending. Example of his patents include the holder of the patent on electrocardiograph testing and the development and patent of the technology for thermal print head array.

                                          Professor James C. Daly, Director Research & Development/Co-Founder  

Professor James C. Daly is a co-inventor with Leo and Thomas Valenti.  He is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Rhode Island and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Ave Maria University.  Professor Daly has consulted with various engineering entities and has authored forty plus publications and multiple books. He graduated from the University of Connecticut and has an MEE and PhD from Rensselare Polytechnic. He is a holder of two patents and two patent pending.

                                                                 Thomas J. Valenti, President/Co-Founder

Mr. Thomas Valenti brings 21 years of executive experience from multiple positions within the Federal Government and served as the Director, Operations for Wind Energy Development.  He graduated from Providence College and the Human Resource Executive Program, Darden Graduate School, University of Virginia.  He additionally graduated from the Federal Executive Institute program which is designed for executives toward the enhancement of leadership and management skills. Prior to college he graduated from Hall Drafting Institute and worked in the field of Mechanical/Machine Drafting Technology.  He is the recipient of patents in China, Europe, and the United States in addition to two patent pending.

John Stevenson, Design Engineer

Mr. John Stevenson is an Engineer who has worked in the profession both as a practicing engineer and educator.   His level of proficiency includes design, programming and testing.  He graduated from Northeastern University with a BSEE and over the years has taught courses in Robotics and Automation Technology, PLC programming, circuitry and design.

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Robinson & Cole LLP area our attorneys of records handling issues associated with VSquare/R LLC.

McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP

MBHB LLP are our attorneys of record handling issues associated with our Intellectual Property rights.  

Nixon Peabody LLP

Nixon Peabody LLP are our attorneys of record handling issues associated with our Intellectual Property rights.  

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